MIC Summer School 2024 in Budapest

15th of May 2024

A summer school will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 26-30 August 2024

Course title: Integrating Multiple Lines of Evidence in Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Investigations

Target Group: Young researchers, students and industry professionals interested in corrosion and material degradation in aqueous systems, including MIC. Individuals with responsibility for developing, implementing and executing corrosion management activities, including corrosion and materials engineers, microbiologists, production chemists, process engineers, integrity managers, laboratory technicians and field staff. Both asset operators, manufacturers, consultants, academics and students will benefit from the latest updates in this course. Field visits, tours and social activities are included. 32 seats first come first served.

Teachers: Judit Knisz (HU) | Anette Rasmussen (DK) | Rick Eckert (US) | Torben Lund Skovhus (DK) | Scott Wade (AU) | László Péter (HU) | Herman de Vies (NL)

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MIC Summer School 2023 in Prague

4th of April 2023

A summer school will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 22-25 August 2023

Course title: Corrosion management for the sustainability of assets in aqueous environments – with special focus on Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

This training course is targeted for graduate students, post-docs, young researchers and industrial professionals for postgraduate specialized training and to network with other colleagues.

Teachers: Elsemiek Croese (NL) | Anette Rasmussen (DK) | Rick Eckert (US) | Torben Lund Skovhus (DK) | Scott Wade (AU)

Learning objectives:

  • Understand various corrosion mechanisms – with special emphasis on MIC.
  • Understand and apply the multiple line of evidence (MLOE) approach for diagnosing MIC.
  • Be able to apply the latest Industry Guidelines and Standards on Corrosion Management and MIC of Engineered Systems
  • Be able to apply Corrosion Management principles to assessing, mitigating and monitoring the corrosion threat of MIC
  • Understand, and correctly apply and interpret state of the art MIC diagnostic methods
  • Understand sampling procedures for various sample types obtained in Engineered Systems
  • Be able to plan and execute a failure analysis investigation where MIC is the root cause

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For questions please contact Jan Stoulil at: jan.stoulil@vscht.cz

Seminar on: ‘Corrosion protection – with a focus on sustainability

1st of January 2023

Corrosion is significant and a continuous issue that causes serious environmental problems and expensive material damage to a wide range of industries. Therefore, a more sustainable prevention of corrosion requires more attention. 

he seminar will focus on corrosion protection efforts that contributes to a more sustainable future.

Expert speakers from the energy, offshore wind, steel and automotive industries as well as scientists will present cases and update you on: 

* Digital real time remote monitoring of corrosion protection performance
* Sustainable paint technologies
* Ways of lowering the environmental impact
* Life cycle cost assessments  
* Stainless steel as a recyclable alloy
* A quantitative estimate of the sustainability challenge we face
* Tools to measure environmental sustainability
* Raw materials for bio-based coating formulas for anti-corrosive applications 
* Protection of electronics from climate for sustainable performance

View the program: Corrosion protection – with a focus on sustainability – ATV-SEMAPP/ Teknologisk videndeling

European network on Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion, MIC.

7th of April 2022

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is a phenomenon that is increasingly becoming a problem for the society.

Therefore, it is important to combine the efforts of experts in different fields and develop prevention measures according to the European rules, in close cooperation with industry and plant operators and owners of critical infrastructure. 

This is done in the COST action: CA20130 – European MIC Network – New path for science, sustainability, and standards.

Read more about the network and how to participate here: Action CA20130 – COST and here: Euro-MIC | Microbially influenced corrosion – Euro-MIC

Corrosion Advice ApS participate in several of the working groups and contributes as vice-leader of WG4 on: ‘Strategize ‘green’ mitigation methods.

Seminar on: ‘When is a surface or component clean enough?’

7th of June 2021

Cleaning issues are often determining for good corrosion resistance. The online seminar “When is a Surface or Component Clean Enough?”, which will be held by ATV-SEMAPP (www.atv-semapp) on 9 & 10 June 2021, will give you an in-depth introduction to cleanliness.

See the full program and sign up here:  When is a surface or component clean enough? – ATV-SEMAPP/ Teknologisk videndeling

Consequences of Corrosion Damage

6th of June 2021

Corrosion Advice ApS offers services to minimize and reduce corrosion problems. This is for the benefit of various factors, such as: improved safety, reduction of damage costs and production loss and limitation of our use of resources in connection to damage repair, all in favor of ourselves our environment and climate.

According to international Impact Studies (impact.nace.org), the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is estimated to US $ 2.5 trillion. Which equals 3,5% of the Gross Domestic Product, GDP. To that comes the cost of indirect effects, and side effects on for example the loss of production, environmental pollution, personal injury, or health risk.

Most importantly, the study estimates that 15-35% of the cost can be saved by applying existing knowledge and technologies. So, there are plenty of advantages in connection to reaching out for assistance and knowledge sharing within the field of corrosion mitigation!